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Improve your sleep and Relax your body

The Tokuyo TC-688 massage chair helps relieve stress and soothes muscle stiffness. A pleasant massage experience, focusing on the relaxation of the waist and hip. The Tokuyo TC-688 massage chair is your best choice if you suffer from insomnia, because it helps improve the quality of your sleep. Forget about your worries with these tapping and kneading massage techniques, which will relieve your pressure via stretching techniques and help improve your blood circulation.Strong 3D massage or gentle 3D massage. Choose!Whether you want an intense full body massage, which will restore your energy in a matter of minutes, or a gentle, light, and lengthy VIP luxury treatment massage, the TC-688 is the perfect choice for you.

   Tokuyo TC 688 massage chair 2
zero gravity  

3 Zero Gravity massage positions

The zero gravity position massage relaxes the body, because it matches the body massage position, and by the simple push of a button, your back and shoulder blades are simultaneously brought to a zero gravity position, as low as 70 degrees, after which the chair adopts the proper massage position. The massage rollers have much better contact with the lumbar area, which allows the entire body to enjoy a proper massage position. Experience a new zero gravity massage method. You can choose among three different massage chair positions.

 Tokuyo TC 688 massage chair arm massage  

Airbag arm massage with resistant materials.

Along with the mechanical breakthroughs, the materials used have also been improved, as for instance in the case of the arm massage area. Using a resistant spandex-type material, the lower part of the arm massage device has been lined with small rubber protrusions, with the aim of invigorating the senses, while the airbags compress the upper and lower parts of the forearms and hands.

 Tokuyo TC 688 massage chair calf massage  

Airbag calf massage with massage rollers.

Air bags wrap around your legs, ankles, and feet in different ways, providing a massage of the zusanli points (areas used in acupuncture to treat stomach stress and gastric mucosa injuries). The massage method is carried out by alternating squeeze, stop, and relaxation movements, giving you a relaxed body.

 Tokuyo TC 688 massage chair connectivity  

Speakers and smart device connection capability

You can enjoy professional music because the Tokuyo TC-688 is equipped with speakers. You can easily connect your mobile phone, SmartPhone or other electronic devices in order to play music, with the purpose of relaxing your body even more and in order for you to enjoy a perfect massage.

L-shaped curved rail

The massage chair is endowed with a special technology involving an L-shaped curved rail, which is the result of extensive research in combination with the latest achievements in this particular field. The massage area is 110 cm, which will allow you to enjoy a custom massage from head to toe, which in turn will help you maintain the natural S-curve of your spine and relieve muscle tension.

   Tokuyo TC 688 massage chair massage rail roles



Important functions

Neck massage

Daily massage can prevent cervical spondylosis, headaches, and cerebrovascular diseases.

nape neck


Helps blood circulation

Massage is supposed to dilate blood vessels, to help the blood circulation in your body, and to improve the myocardium’s (heart muscle’s) capacity to provide oxygen, improving the capabilities of the various heart functions.


Psychological health

Massage can relieve stress-related problems, relaxing the body and the mind and leading to an improvement of the physical functions.

help with psychological wellness wellbeing


Air pressure shoulder massage

The main cause for shoulder ache is inadequate blood circulation in the neck area. After enjoying an air pressure massage to the shoulder area, you can feel your pain vanish.


Air pressure hand area massage

We often use the mouse at work, which causes pain in the wrist area; however, the new generation air pressure massage can relieve the pain you feel in your wrists.


Detachable pad

In order to increase the massage comfort level, the massage chair was designed with a detachable pad; in case you should desire a more powerful massage effect, you can remove the pad, so that you will be able to enjoy an even more invigorating effect throughout the massage.

Curved extension

From the head area to the shoulder area you can experience different massage methods which are achieved with the aid of massage rollers simulating a massage performed by human hands



Music rhythms. Relaxation.

After you have finished your stressful work, you can enjoy your massage while listening to music, in order to detach yourself from your thoughts and problems, which helps promote a healthy lifestyle by providing you with extra strength.


Convex points for the massage of your soles

The sole massage is applied to the yongquan points, according to the convex points conceived for foot massage; designed to accurately emulate the massage technique used by professional masseurs; both the light and fixed-point massage and the progressively strong massage create a sense of comfort.



Air pressure calf and foot massage

This chair uses high power airbags, distributing different air pressures from your calves to the soles of your feet, thus reducing the pressure felt in both legs and relieving the fatigue in your legs. This massage can be enjoyed using the method simulating human hand massage or by using the air pressure massage method.


Wooden handles


Remote controller pocket

S-shaped ergonomic design

Having a precise, S-shaped ergonomic design, it accurately follows the shape of the spine.


Professional masseur

Mimics the movements of a professional masseur, completely wrapping your calves and feet. A soothing, spa-type experience.

Unique combinations

A unique combination between air pressure massage and spiral massage. Relaxes the calf muscles and helps relieve pain.


Tokuyo surprise

A surprise gift for those of you who love foot massage; it will soothe the soles of your feet via the scraping technique.

Generous size

At 110 cm, the extra long rail reaches from the head down to the shoulders and from the waist down to the hips. A true breakthrough in massage chair technology.


Warm dressings

The warm dressing on your hips and legs offers you an enchanting warm massage experience for your legs.

heating Tokuyo TC 688  

Heating systems for the back and legs

Massage often leads to the relaxation of the individual, thus improving the quality of sleep and improving the physical functions. The heating function for the back and legs complements these functions, which sets the Tokuyo TC-688 massage chair apart from other massage chairs.

Regulates gastrointestinal functions.

Massage can contribute to the secondary metabolism of gastrointestinal motility, helping solve problems connected with constipation as well as other symptoms.

Tokuyo TC 688 remote control  

LCD remote controller for complete control. Very easy to use.

The TC-688 is equipped with an extremely easy-to-use remote controller with easy access to the buttons. The remote controller is placed in a separate pocket, which protects it from dust. The remote controller is also very intuitive and very easy to use, even without studying the user manual. It has one of the largest display screens (5”), in order to allow you to easily see the chair’s activated functions.

Professional massage procedure sets
The chair can be used by different types of people, at different times of day.

The procedures specific to morning massage and to afternoon massage for the improvement of sleep have the capacity to meet the physical, mental, and psychological needs throughout the day.

Manual stimulation massage

The manual stimulation massage can be adjusted in the up-down directions and it uses 4 full-drive rollers, and has the capacity to provide comfort. Rubbing massage, tapping massage, rubbing and tapping massage, area massage, and fixed-point massage.


Rubbing massage

Designed to emulate rubbing massage with the aid of the thumbs, its purpose is to rub the selected massage area.

Tapping massage

With adjustable tapping speed, it can offer different types of massage according to your needs.


Rubbing and tapping massage

It can do rubbing and tapping simultaneously, thus offering a massage of variable intensity, depending on each user’s individual needs.

Area massage

Allows you to select different areas and can be enjoyed in different positions.


Fixed-point massage

When the massage rollers move up or down, the selection key can be “held” in order to achieve a massage for a particular area.

Change of the position of the massage rollers

The movement of the massage rollers has three speed options and three width options. Adjust the roller width in 3 steps: narrow, medium, and wide.



Massage intensity can be adjusted according to the massage area. Massage intensity can be adjusted in 3 steps.


Massage with added heat – turn the massage chair heating function on or off.


Massage rollers for feet and calves

Massage rollers for the soles of your feet and for your calves – turn on or off the sole and calf massage function.



Technical specifications and features

Full back massage    Yes. "L" shaped.
Automatic height adjustment for back massage    Yes
Electric reclining backrest    Yes
Electric reclining backrest    Yes
Electric extensible leg rest    Yes. 12 cm
Massage rollers for the back     Yes. 
Massage rollers for the calves   The only massage chair with massage rollers for the calves.
Massage rollers for the soles    Yes
Reflex therapy (foot sole massage)    Yes
Upholstery    Ecological, antibacterial leather.
Power supply    220 - 230V
Recommended user height    approx. 155 - 210 cm
Weight of chair (kg)    117 kg
Maximum weight of user (kg)    140 kg
Roller travel length    110 cm
LCD remote controller    Yes
Chair dimensions in upright position    Approx. 149 x 80 x 124 cm
Chair dimensions in reclined position    Approx. 178 x 80 x 165 cm



Tokuyo TC 688 massage chair colors   

Other colors available for the Tokuyo TC-688 massage chair.

The massage chair is also available in other colors. Depending on your environment and décor, you can choose the color that best suits your needs.